Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Placing and Fitting Gears

LEGO Mindstorms NXT hobbyist, how are you? I hope you is still motivated for following my posting. Lets We learning about gears again.It is continue topic before, about Limiting Strength with Clutch Gear. The LEGO gear set includes many different types of gear wheels. Up to now, we played
with the straight 8t, 24t, and 40t, but the time has come to explore other kinds of gears, and to discuss their use according to size and shape. In studless buildings, unlike traditional studded building, the holes in TECHNIC beams stacked atop one another are the same distance apart as holes in a single beam. This means gears connected together will be the same number of holes apart, whether connected horizontally along the same beam or vertically across multiple beams (see Figure
2.7 and Figure 2.8).

Figure 2.7 Vertical Matching of Gears

Figure 2.8 Matching gears horizontally and vertically